Fig S5. Translation of squirrel monkey UTP14E indicates that this gene may have only relatively recently been inactivated. from Lineage-independent retrotransposition of UTP14 associated with male fertility has occurred multiple times throughout mammalian evolution

2017-12-11T06:31:06Z (GMT) by Jan Rohozinski
UTP14E has been rendered translationally inactive by a twenty two base deletion which moves the reading frame from one to three. The position of the deletion is indicated by an arrowhead and is highlighted in blue. The UTP14E translation product is indicated by orange lettering and except for the amino acids lost at the deletion is intact. A single nucleotide substitution at base 702 resulted in an internal translational stop codon being created. This internal stop codon and the original terminal stop codon are highlighted in yellow. Because only two mutational events, one deletion and one nucleotide substitution, have rendered the gene translationally inactive there is a possibility that this gene has only recently undergone inactivation in the squirrel monkey.