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Feeding response and nutrient mediated growth from Immanent conditions determine imminent collapses: nutrient regimes define the resilience of macroalgal communities

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posted on 02.03.2017 by Jordi Boada, Rohan Arthur, David Alonso, Jordi F. Pagès, Albert Pessarrodona, Silvia Oliva, Giulia Ceccherelli, Luigi Piazzi, Javier Romero, Teresa Alcoverro
Mean percentage macroalgal cover + SE in plots of four different treatments in the low nutrient region (nutrient-enriched, without urchins: N+U0, nutrient-enriched, with urchins: N+U+, not enriched, with urchins N0U+, and not enriched, without urchins: N0U0). The percentage difference between N0U0 and N+U0 plots shows the effect of nutrient mediated growth (35.5% blue shadowed area). Additionally, the percentage difference between the N+U0 and the N+U+ shows the effect of both compensatory feeding and nutrient mediated growth together (71% green shadowed area).