Expression levels in Ana2-Myc cell lines from Two-step phosphorylation of Ana2 by Plk4 is required for the sequential loading of Ana2 and Sas6 to initiate procentriole formation

Supplementary Figure S4: Expression levels in Ana2-Myc cell lines: An immuno-blot showing comparable levels of expression between an Ana2-WT-Myc and an Ana2-S38A-Myc cell line. The same three cell lines are presented as in Fig. 6B: Untransfected D.Mel-2 cells (lane 1), pAct5-Ana2-WT-Myc (lane 2) and pAct5-Ana2-S38A-Myc (lane 3). Top panel: anti-Asl immuno-blot as a loading control. Bottom panel: anti-Ana2 immuno-blot, revealing endogenous Ana2 and overexpressed Ana2-Myc.