Electronic supplementary material from Bee pollination outperforms pesticides for oilseed crop production and profitability

This file contains supplementary methods and tables. Namely, the supplementary methods describes: i) the study area and field selection; ii) the pollinator surveys; iii) the modelling of the gross margin, and; iv) a description of the pest abundance surveys. And the supplementary table section contains: i) the descriptive statistics for the various pollinator groups obtained by the three trapping methods; ii) the descriptive statistics farming practices from questionnaires; iii) the full subset of models for tables 1 and 2, extracted from the model selection procedure, with AIC less than 2.0 greater than the best model; iv) the descriptive statistics for the four main OSR pests caught in pan traps; v) the statistical model of yield and gross margin as a function of farming practices, soil type, total bee abundance and interactions, and; vi) the selection of buffer width for the effects of OSR and SNH in the surrounding landscape on gross margins.