ESM Video 4: First time seeing a photo of her handler from Sheep recognize familiar and unfamiliar human faces from two-dimensional images

The video clip in this sequence was part of the original experiment. In this trial, the sheep sees a 2D image of the handler for the first time. The handler's photo is on the left, the unfamiliar face is on the right. (A different handler is running the session.) This sheep has already learned to perform the task using the faces of celebrities, so she is expecting to see two faces on the screens (one learned familiar, one unfamiliar). The sheep approaches the screens - sees the photo of the unfamiliar face, and expects therefore the other photograph to be one of the familiar faces (celebrity) that she has learned. (We intermixed the handler's face amongst the celebrity faces that they had learned to recognize.) Note her reaction when she sees a picture of her handler. She double checks the stranger face, and then, after a pause, choses the handler's photograph.