ESM 1 - 5 from Imaging carbon nanostructures’ reactivity: a complementary strategy to define chemical structure

TEM micrographs of AuNP@f-SWCNTs. a) and b) display small f-SWCNTs bundles with well dispersed AuNP.;TEM micrographs of AuNP@ox-SWCNTs. a) and b) show larger ox-SWCNTs bundles with dispersed AuNP.; ESI-3. TEM micrographs of AuNP@f-MWCNTs. a) and b) display individual f-MWCNTs with well dispersed AuNP.; ESI-4. TEM micrographs of AuNP@ox-MWCNTs. a) and b) display small ox-MWCNTs bundles with AuNP dispersed on defective zones and graphitic carbon.; ESI-5. TEM micrographs of AuNP@f-FLG. a) and b) display FLG with well dispersed AuNP.