Database S1 from A chordwise offset of the wing-pitch axis enhances rotational aerodynamic forces on insect wings: a numerical study

Database containing all the wing geometries, and kinematics and aerodynamic forces of all simulations. The file is in “.mat” format that can be read by popular scripting languages like Matlab and Python. The file is organized through structures, the first two structures are the geometry and simulations structure. Inside the geometry structure all the geometries are organized by name (ellipse, fruitfly, mosquito), inside the ellipse structure the geometry files are organized by the location of the pitch-axis (pitch_axis_1em4, pitch_axis_2em4, pitch_axis_3em4, pitch_axis_4em4, pitch_axis_5em4). In each geometry folder the data in table S3 is available. Inside the simulations structure the data is organized by geometry (ellipse, fruitfly, mosquito), then by pitch angle (pitch_angle_30, pitch_angle_45, pitch_angle_60). For the ellipse wings there is the additional structures for the different pitch-axes. Then the data is organized by stroke angle (stroke_angle_1000 for stroke=1000 rad/s), then by pitch angle (pitch_angle_3000 for pitch=3000 rad/s). Inside the final folder the data per simulation is available as described in table S4.