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Complementary X-ray, ellipsometry and neutron data from Non-lamellar lipid assembly at interfaces: controlling layer structure by responsive nanogel particles

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posted on 09.05.2017 by Aleksandra P. Dabkowska, Maria Valldeperas, Christopher Hirst, Costanza Montis, Gunnar K. Pálsson, Meina Wang, Sofi Nöjd, Luigi Gentile, Justas Barauskas, Nina-Juliane Steinke, Gerd Schroeder-Turk, Sebastian George, Maximilian W. A. Skoda, Tommy Nylander
Figure S1. Effect of temperature on the lattice parameter, a, of a cubic phase composed of GMO-50/DGMO (40/60 weight ratio) alone (open markers) or containing 10 wt% nanogel (black solid markers). Figure S2. SAXS data for the formulations of nanogels dispersed in lipids (85 wt % lipids composed of GMO-50/DGMO at a 40/60 weight ratio) with 15 wt % ethanol at 25 °C and 40 °C. Figure S3. Spectroscopic ellipsometry parameters, Δ (pink circles) and ψ (black triangles), as a function of wavelength for a film of GMO-50:DGMO (40:60 wt%) on silica. Figure S4. (A) Schematic representation of magnetic contrast surfaces used in this study. Figure S5. Neutron reflectivity data for a spin coated film of GMO-50:DGMO (60:40 wt% ratio) containing nanogel (10wt%) at (A) 25°C and (B) 40°C. Figure S6. Diffraction pattern extracted from the off-specular neutron reflectivity patterns in Figure 6 of lipid-only and lipid-nanogel layers at 25 °C and 40 °C.