CODE from Mutually unbiased bases containing a complex Hadamard matrix of Schmidt rank three. 6 November 2019 26 February 2020

2020-03-23T05:26:42Z (GMT) by Mengyao Hu Lin Chen Yize Sun
Constructing four six-dimensional mutually unbiased bases (MUBs) is an open problem in quantum physics and measurement. We investigate the existence of four MUBs including the identity, and a complex Hadamard matrix (CHM) of Schmidt rank three. The CHM is equivalent to a controlled unitary operation on the qubit-qutrit system via local unitary transformation I2⊗V and I2⊗W. We show that V and W have no zero entry, and apply it to exclude constructed examples as members of MUBs. We further show that the maximum of entangling power of controlled unitary operation is log23 ebits. We derive the condition under which the maximum is achieved, and construct concrete examples. Our results describe the phenomenon that if a CHM of Schmidt rank three belongs to an MUB then its entangling power may not reach the maximum.